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Welcome to the Family

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It's a party

How does it feel to walk from death to life? It's a huge, exciting, and sometime scary step. You're whole life has completely changed with your commitment to Christ!

So what now?

Now you start your journey! There is so much to do and learn. This is just the beginning. We've created this guide to help you get your start and put you on the right track. 


There's healing in the water

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You've accepted salvation in Jesus and are committed to a life with Him. With that decision you made an inward change. It's the best decision you can ever make. Now it's time to show that inward change with an outward expression! Baptism is the absolute best way to do just that.

The day you get baptized is a truly exciting one. Invite your family and friends to come see the change you have made. It's something you and those close to you will never forget.

Get plugged in with Full Life

Full life is a class we offer once a month to teach you more about God, the life He intends, and Radiate Church. It's the best way to learn more about us and how you fit into God's vision here at Radiate.

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Join a Life Group

At Radiate, we do life together. We grow together, praise together, and keep each other accountable. You are never alone in your walk with Christ. Join a Life Group and see just how much easier and fulfilling a life with God can be when you share it with others.


Download the Radiate Church App

Stay connected with us wherever you go. Watch sermons, give, and send prayer requests on your smartphone anytime.

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Any questions?

You're not in this alone! As you enter into this new season, don't be afraid to ask questions or ask for help. We have people that would love help you and answer any questions you might have.

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