The Local Church = HOPE


The local Church is the hope of the world! The local Church isn't just a place to come, but it's something to become. It's a place to connect, grow, love, engage, and discuss in peace and safety. The local Church is a place for anyone to belong, regardless of what they believe. The local Church should be more full of life, energy, love, and encouragement than anywhere else in the world! WE ARE THE CHURCH! The building isn't the Church, and it surely doesn't confine us! We talk about our church because we are proud of it, we sing about our God because we love Him. We honor our leaders because we trust what God is doing through them. We invite because we want people to be a part of something special! THE LOCAL CHURCH IS THE HOPE OF THE WORLD!

The great thing about the local Church is this: it's not built on one person, one ideology, one method, or one genre of music. The local Church is built on the revelation of who Jesus is to us all (Matthew 16:13-20)! The reason the local Church is the hope of the world is because we serve the Creator of the world, worship the Savior of the world, and honor the Father of the world! We are chosen to be His hands and feet to anyone that we come into contact with. Regardless of socioeconomic status, upbringing, financial stability, or even skin tone - our role is simple - to love Jesus and show that love to others! THE LOCAL CHURCH IS THE HOPE OF THE WORLD!

This Sunday we are kicking off a brand new series, Any Given Day. The goal of the series is honestly pretty simple: to talk practically about some of the areas of life that effect each and every one of us in some way shape or form. To look at practical areas of our lives and become inspired to change our lives...ANY GIVEN DAY! Do what you've got to do to be there and bring someone with you. Let's literally pack out, to the point where we have to add chairs, both the 10 & 11:30 services this week as we practically discuss how God wants our marriages to be! Whether you're married now or want to be in the future, this week's message is for you. It's title is A Naked Marriage.

There's a lot of fun things involved in this series. We will be giving away USC team signed footballs at each service this coming week, having a team colors day, giving away Radiate Rally Towels, and even having a USC legend on campus with us (I've heard from Dylan Thompson... and maybe someone else). Those things are great, they are fun, they are there to allow us to embrace the FUN of The Bible not just the serious. 

We throw parties for birthdays, weddings, and many more things... why not throw parties just because we get to go to church? That's what we're doing the month of September! We are going to dive into God's word and embrace it for what it's worth. We are going to celebrate with one another, and we are going to enjoy the challenge that comes with Church!