A Fracture State Of Life


Man, things just seem to be so sensitive and tense right now across the world. People can't take criticism and feedback without getting their feelings hurt. We can't celebrate someone else's successes anymore. People are hated and discriminated against because of the amount of money they make and the color of their skin. To be honest, we've become a culture of sensitivity instead of boldness! It's time someone stood up and tried to right the wrong! And if you think the wrong is in someone else and their mindset... "they" probably aren't the ones wrong. Every change comes after a change in us individually.

In Matthew 12 and Mark 3 there's accounts of Jesus making this statement, "...a kingdom divided against itself cannot stand...". There's a lot of truth in what He says, clearly, not just for that day but for today as well! I believe what's taking place is the enemy has learned how to strategically divide and conquer. If he can divide the marriage, he can attempt to conquer the whole family. If he can divide the pastor and congregation, he can destroy the impact of the Church. If he can divide you and your co-workers, the chance you may introduce them to Jesus is much less. Division isn't just a math term, it's a war strategy.

The truth is that we all already know the weapon to use against division.... UNITY! We just have to learn to walk in unity. Unity with those we disagree with. Walk in unity with a friend that deceived us. Walk in unity with someone that told people things that aren't true about you. Walk in unity with homosexual relationships regardless of if you agree. Walk in unity with people of other denominations, races, economic status', worship styles, religions. Reading that some of you were probably made to feel very uncomfortable. That's because we've become so conditioned to experience and exhibit division that unity is foreign now. 

I believe with everything inside of me, the problem isn't people, political affiliations, sexual orientations, or anything else. The problem is division and the only way to fight division is to exhibit unity. And unity is NEVER dependent on agreeing with someone, it's always dependent on loving someone. This Sunday we are really going to unpack how we can experience unity in our lives daily. Let me give you this "walk away" today though... you can't experience unity while holding on to unforgiveness. You also can't forgive someone while "trashing" them, talking about the situation 24/7, or by secluding yourself. Forgiveness only comes when the hurt is brought into the light of Jesus, and you release them and yourself from the chains that bind you to the pit of the wrong. So, go now and make that phone call, send that text and express forgiveness to them, yourself, Jesus, and then let it go! Unity is better!