You Left The Bag Open


So, I like to eat chips. I like to eat sandwiches. And I like to eat sandwiches with chips for lunch. I don't like to eat sandwiches with stale chips. Let me back up, because none of that makes sense without context. For lunch, especially in the summer I often go home and eat a tomato or bacon & tomato sandwich with some chips on the side. I enjoy it a lot to be honest, because it's cheap and I've grown the tomatoes myself. Not to mention it's just really good. 

Yesterday I went home and had 2 tomato & bacon sandwiches with mayo, salt, pepper, and a side of Cool Ranch Doritos. Everything was going well. I was reading the Gamecocks Football message boards, talking to my family, eating my sandwich. Then my hand went just to the right of my plate and picked up a Dorito. As I crunched down on the chip my eyes moved away from my phone screen and suddenly I wasn't enjoying my lunch anymore. It wasn't because the taste was bad. It was because the chips were stale. Someone, could've been me, left the chips bag open entirely too long. You know exactly what I'm talking about too, because you've been there done that. You crunch down expecting this amazing taste and crunchiness and it's just... stale!

In other words, it wasn't as fresh as it could've been or should've been because it had been exposed to the wrong elements too long and it took the freshness away from the chip. Many of us walk through our lives breathing in stale air and our bags have been left open too long. We go through the routine, the doldrums, the elements so often, so regularly, and without much joy and gratitude with the opportunities that we feel stale. That when people encounter us, or taste the fruit we bear, it's not what they nor we want it to be - much less what Jesus would want it to be. It's not as crunchy, sweet, kind, caring, or patient (see the fruits of the spirit for more). 

This month is a series entitled Fresh Air. There is a way we can breathe in a breath of fresh air and feel the air back in our sails, sense our lungs filling with goodness and joy again. Maybe you or someone you know has been in the place for too long and it's time for something FRESH! Do yourself a favor and answer the challenge of committing to not missing a week in this series and to bringing someone with you each week of the series. This series has the chance to change the entire trajectory of entire lives! I'll see you Sunday at 10 & 11:30 for week 1... "Symptoms Of Pollution"