Switch Things Up!


Sometimes you need to just switch things up. We say this in multiple ways, but it's still accurate for each of us. Some of us say, "I just need a change in scenery." or "I want to try something new, let's eat at that new restaurant." or some things like that. I'm inherently the kind of person that loves change. I love to chase a new adventure, look for a new challenge, and switch things up a little. I used to not eat a full meal because I'd get bored eating the same thing for that long of a period of time. Talk about someone that wants to switch things up!

Sometimes we need to hear new voices in our lives to give us a new perspective. Sometimes we need to change up the music we listen to so it doesn't all become too common. Sometimes we need to do our spiritual disciplines in different atmospheres (Starbucks, shared office space, etc.) in order to make us think/feel things differently. 

As a church plant we used to joke that the only thing constant was change. Too much change can be confusing but change in all isn't bad at all. Our next series beginning this summer is Remix. We will be walking through the values that make Radiate Church unique. We will be changing it up a little in the way we are teaching them, celebrating them, and even enjoying Sundays! Keep your eyes peeled for some new creative elements, surprises, and fun for this series! Don't miss it!