Learn From Me


Have you ever seen someone or connected with someone and felt like there was a bit of you in them? Or maybe a bit of them in you? Maybe you've heard a story of someone failing at something and you related with their story or circumstances and you decided to learn from them. They say history is a great educator, and I believe that, because we don't HAVE to repeat the same mistakes as others. In fact, we can relate with the life of others enough to learn from them regularly.

When I'm asked for Pastoring advice, or for advice from a church planter, or even for parenting; I often go to a personal story to indicate and illustrate my point. The reason why is simple, I've failed and messed up enough times that anyone can learn from me! And I'd rather them learn from my mess ups than from their own. I'd rather them learn a meaningful message and life-lesson from me than from the school of hard knocks if possible.

The truth is actually if we would all take a moment to learn from the experiences and wisdom of others we would probably cut off some of the heartaches and headaches that we have to endure. Wisdom doesn't have to be something that you "found out" through a supernatural study or excursion. Wisdom and knowledge can come directly from the life and encounters of someone else you relate to. And that is reassuring to me.

This Sunday we will be looking at the background and story of a fictional character that has a powerful following of people. We will be looking at what Jesus would say to him. Not what you would say, and not even about the fact that you may be someone that follows this character/story. It's all about this - at some level I believe most, if not all, of us can relate with this gentleman... and what Jesus would say to him is the exact same thing Jesus would say to us! Join me this Sunday at Radiate as we learn from the life of others and grow at a powerful level! I'll see you there!