Take The Next U-Turn


This week is insanely busy for me. I mean, it's crazy busy. At the end of the day yesterday, after I picked my kids up from VBS, I felt like my head was spinning. If you're reading this, at some point you've probably felt the exact same way. You are glad it's summer because maybe you can get a vacation or rest weekend in. Being this busy used to put me into a stress mode... but now I wouldn't change it! I love it! Here's why.

I've learned in my life that I place the highest priorities on what I value most in my life. Now, if I'm going to be totally transparent sometimes I mess up the priorities and they get a little out of whack. It may happen once, or it may happen for a season, but I usually will figure it out and fix it. Many of us get frustrated at the results and products we are getting from our lives. I would ask you this question - are your priorities (what you spend most of your time, money, and energy on) lining up with the results you desire? We can't get upset that we end up at a destination we didn't intend when we aren't on the path to get us to the one we desire!

If I want to go to the grocery store but am on the path to go to Target I can't get upset when I end up at Target instead of Food Lion. You can't get upset when you get to the destination of a disconnected marriage, when you've been on that path for years with no U-Turn intended. So, here's some ideas I have for you.

1. Determine what end result you want in your personal life, home life, and spiritual life.
2. What priorities do you need to have to help you achieve that?
3. What U-Turns do you need to take to get you back on the right path?

Men - it's our day this Sunday! It's Father's Day! The truth is that we are the ones that determine the course and destination of our families. God set it up that way. We are to LEAD not hope we end up somewhere good on accident. We can do it too! It's in our blood! Come join us this Sunday as we celebrate men with a Father's Day Tailgate, we'll be giving away grills, and just a Father's Day Party! 10 & 11:30 at Radiate Church - see you there!