Women Are Superheroes


There's a new superhero on the market this year. Avengers isn't the only collection of heroes where superpowers and supernatural strength are on display. All you have to do is probably look around your own home. Even if you didn't grow up with a mother or one that was very hero-like you probably know someone that had a mother that was like a hero to you.

First, they start off by carrying a child in their stomach for 10 months. I'm pretty confident in saying that if men had to do that pro-creation would've ended a LONG time ago! Then, they continue by feeding each child (yes, including their spouse) different meals, with a smile on her face, and immediately cleaning the mess while somehow figuring out how to shovel food into her own gullet as well! They finish the day with kisses, nighttime snuggles, and a restful (yet not long enough) night's sleep - then wake up and do it all over again! Women... YOU are the real superheroes!

Some of you that are reading this aren't mothers yet, or can't be mothers, but what if you are? What if being a spiritual mother is your call to motherhood? What if grabbing another woman that has yet to embrace her own unique superpower and living life together until you both confidently conquer the world with your endless supply of energy, love, care, and your unique gift from God? I would venture to say this bold statement - Being a spiritual mother is the call of every woman on the face of the planet, regardless of natural birth.

This Sunday is Mother's Day. It's a great day, built in, for people to honor their earthly mothers. But, here's some advice from me to you:
1. Let's make this happen WAY more than once per year. Honor your mother, wife, and woman in your life regularly! Honor opens the door to receive what someone's carrying!
2. Honor your spiritual mothers as well. What is that? What woman has been a loving, caring, spiritually nurturing voice in your life to call you to a new level?
3. Your children do not define you, they help you become better! If you can't have kids or just don't yet, it's ok! I know it's difficult and hurtful, but you can always be a spiritual mother to someone! Embrace that role in your life.
4. ENJOY, LADIES! Ladies, this is your moment to be selfish. Enjoy your day. Be pampered, be honored, and be confident! It's ok!
5. Men... if you aren't doing something for the women in your life - shame on you! Go get a dozen flowers at least! Never take for granted the support and love they offer - and it's not because you're so great that they do that! We mess up and give them reasons not to do that a lot! It's because that's how God created them - it's what they do! (See Genesis 1 & Ephesians 5)

Ladies, thank you! Thank you for being the real superheroes. We don't need movies to show us how powerful and heroic mystical figures can be. We have you. In our homes, in our lives, in our spirits daily to show us what it means to be a real superhero. Stay focused on God, ladies, at all times. In all things. We need you to do that. He wants you to do that. And you're worth more than anything you're feeling! I promise you're a superhero to us, even if we don't always show it. We will do better!

Join us for Mother's Day @ Radiate Church this Sunday at 10 & 11:30... selfie station, free gifts, and lots of love! Join us!