Our Role


As I watched the news this morning I heard of TV channels cancelling shows, President Trump getting criticized for comments and tweets, teachers protesting for more pay, and a woman lying about a baby being stolen from her because she killed the baby. Regardless of your political stance, I think we can all agree that it's really a depressing state of events as we take in all that is happening around us. The truth is, not only is it depressing, but it's opportunity. And not all opportunity is clothed in positive things, some times it's something negative that needs a shift to the positive. 

There's many root issues at play in the world. It seems that darkness is winning more and more with each passing day. The truth is, the darkness can never win - no matter how dark it may get, the light can dispel the darkness in a split second! When we change our minds, when we accept our role, we understand something important - because I have a role to play I play a part in changing all of this stuff! It's my job to help reach as many people as possible. It's my job to bring as many people to a life-giving family called Church as possible. It's my job to be a spiritual light in my family. It's my job to empty hell and fill Heaven. It's my job to extend grace!

One of the most difficult things for me to grasp right now is the lack of grace we extend. Not just to others, but to ourselves. When someone messes up, we react so quickly based upon what others may think/how they may react, that we don't give someone a chance to repent. (repent means to turn away from by the way, not just say "sorry".) Not only that, but we disqualify ourselves at each and every wrongdoing as well. We disqualify anything we could do right all because of something insignificant (heck, even if it is significant) that we've done wrong. What if Jesus operated in the realm of grace that we operate in? What if the level of forgiveness we give ourselves and others is the level of forgiveness He gives to us? The truth is that He does. See Matthew 6:14

This series has been crazy good! I believe that As It Is In Heaven has been one of the most timely, powerful, deep, yet practical series we've ever done here at Radiate. As we've discussed throughout the series we all need to remember and know - WE HAVE A ROLE TO PLAY! It may not be the lead role, like a public role, but it's an incredibly important role! Highly influential, highly intentional, and really important! We can play our role, or we can hope someone else does. Either way eternity for so many is in the balance. What if I don't invite someone and they don't get the life-giving power of Jesus before their life comes to an end? What if my grace could've saved their marriage. What if my prayer could've reconciled that relationship? What if I was hoping someone else would fill their role, all the while they were hoping I'd fill mine?

I hope you'll join us for another powerful finale of our As It Is In Heaven series this Sunday! And bring someone with you... this is going to be THE Sunday for so many this week! See you on Sunday!