A couple of months ago a friend of mine was telling me about the Chic-Fil-A One app. Basically you get on there, order your food, and click that you've arrived, and it's ready to pick up. No line. Pay on the app. It's really pretty awesome. I've used the Starbucks app for years for this very thing. So, I downloaded the Chic-Fil-A app to try it one day since my wife is addicted to Christian chicken. 

After downloading it I realized something. I've used this app before! And I still had money on my account from previously loading an amount on there for ordering! I mean I was pleasantly surprised, because that order felt like I didn't have to pay for it, when we all know I did, just way before and had forgotten about it. The funny thing is this - the money was mine the entire time; I just had to use it.

You know, spiritual freedom is a lot like that in our lives. Often we claim spiritual freedom in our lives, however, what we really live by isn't freedom but bondage in another area. The truth is, through Jesus, we are set free. We are delivered from any bondage! However, the acceptance of the deliverance is what sets the tone for us! We can be delivered and never be set free! We can be delivered yet never use the deliverance as freedom. Much like I can have $10 on my Chic-Fil-A app, but it doesn't achieve it's desired action until I use it. 

One of the greatest issues for followers of Jesus today isn't freedom. We love to think we are free, when our idea of freedom is doing whatever we want, instead of being free to love Jesus freely. Our idea of freedom is to be a rebel and despise any kind of bondage, when instead of allowing the love of Jesus to hold us bound, we allow our mentality toward church to instead. Or we allow the opinion of others to hold us back. Freedom isn't freedom unless it's utilized!

Jesus has delivered us... but many aren't walking free. And I'd love to discuss this with you this week - because I believe hundreds will be set free this weekend at Radiate Church! Free from harmful mentalities, free from unnecessary bondage, free from idolatry of ourselves. This week is THE week everything changes! Join me. And bring a friend! Walk in freedom as a team! I'll see you Sunday!