The mind is a powerful tool. I believe, wholeheartedly, that the actions you take all start as thoughts. No one wakes up in the morning desiring to tank their entire life because of an affair, embezzlement, or any other egregious act. Most of those actions are culminating in that moment from months or years of thoughts.

The truth is there are several mentalities today in the Church and in our world that have begun to run rampant and are destroying our spirits daily. They keep us bound to our thoughts rather than allowing us to be free to chase our purpose. Let me tell you a true story about the power of your mind.

There was a gentleman that led a team of refrigeration mechanics. This particular team repaired refrigeration carts on trains. Toward the end of the work day the crew was finishing their job on a broken refrigeration cart. As the day was ending the boss and the others discussed going to get some drinks and food at a local restaurant. The boss told his crew to go ahead of him that he would meet them there after he finished getting another measurement. As the crew left they closed the door of the cart behind them.
The boss was left inside doing his work. When he went to leave he realized the door was now locked from the outside. He couldn't get out! No one was around to help him or open the door either. So, the man, after realizing he was stuck, took out a light, a notepad, and pen that he used to take measurements and other notes for his jobs, and began writing letters to his family. The other gentlemen didn't return to the cart because they assumed the boss had gone home to rest before the next day, as he had done before. All during the night the man was periodically writing letters to his family describing the cold inside of the refrigeration cart. One of his last notes was telling them how he couldn't feel his fingers anymore, he couldn't breathe very well, and his writing was very sloppy/messy from the freezing temperatures in the cart. Shortly after penning the last note to his family the man laid on the floor and froze to death.
The next morning his crew arrived to find their boss dead on the floor of the cart they were working on. After investigation and determination of death it was decided the man froze to death. There was a problem, however. The cart wasn't cold. The refrigeration hadn't been working for days. It was warm, and it was broken. Psychologists looked into this and discovered that the man's mind had convinced him that he froze to death, when in all reality, there's no way he could have. His mind literally killed him by convincing him he was freezing to death.

The truth is this - many of us are freezing to death on the inside because our minds are convincing us that we are something we aren't, that we can't do something that we can, or that we are worth nothing when we are really worth everything! Don't let your mind rob you of your life! Walk in freedom! Walk in deliverance! Walk in victory! This Sunday at Radiate Church we are discussing this very topic: How can our mind keep us from bringing Heaven to Earth? Remember this quote today: "Nothing really changes, until your mind does." - Dr. Myles Munroe

I'll see you this Sunday!