I Know You Are, But Who Am I?


The other night my family went out to eat. Usually I'm the one that takes the longest to order, but this time I knew what I wanted. I had to wait on my wife. Before she ordered she looked at the tables around us to see what they had. She ordered according to what she saw. This specific time the choice was good. Other times her response has been, "Man, that looks good on their plate. I should've gotten that." 

Have you ever looked at someone and wished you had what they did? How about wished you could look how they look? And men, don't act like you don't envy other guys muscles sometimes. Truthfully, we all have moments we look at someone else's plate or life and wish we had what they were having. Maybe it's respectful kids. Maybe it's more money, a nice car, a bigger house. For some, unfortunately, it's that they wish they had someone else's spouse. 

See, I believe the concept of comparison is running roughshod all over our generation and society today for a few reasons. The main reason being that many of us are trying to accomplish something, but we have no real idea what. So we see others seemingly succeeding and begin to wonder how we too can get to that place. Therefore, we begin to alter our decisions, actions, looks, thoughts and more just to see if we can mimic their success, when we weren't created to be a 2nd rate version of them, but a 1st rate version of ourselves.

Honestly, comparison has 2 sides: good and bad. The good side of comparison is that if it's utilized in the right way it can motivate us. However, the bad side is if it's utilized in an abusive manner it brings down our confidence, our purpose, and makes us feel like failures. So, instead of embracing our specific limitations, gifts, and passions we now begin to attempt to become something we weren't created to become in the first place. 

Here's my advice: embrace who you are. Embrace your intricacies, your quirks, your guilty pleasures, your spiritual life, and your drive. Don't let anyone else define what God ordained! What's in you is there because God wants to bring it out, not because He wants you to act like someone else!

This Sunday we will talk way more in-depth about this very thing at Radiate Church. I would love for you to be a part of that conversation as we kick off our new series, where we answer questions you asked! This week is: How Do I Stop Comparing Myself To Others? I'll see YOU at 10 or 11:30!