The Freak Out


The older I get the more I like to know what's going on. In fact, I used to not care very much about order, process, or anything. I was very much a go with the flow kind of guy. I'm still not very good at details, but I honestly just freak out if I don't know the order of something, or if something is out of order. Some of that is from kids, some from getting older, some of it is part because I like to be in control, and then some just comes with having to grow and know more as a leader. Either way - it's never good when you don't know something.

Internally I freak out! I get anxious, I try to decipher what's happening and who's doing it. I try to figure out what's going to happen next before the current thing is even over. If I'm with someone and they don't know what's going on I start the freak out. I don't like to be caught off guard a lot therefore I watch everyone and everything around me! Some of you are the same way. You stress out about stressing out which makes you stress out even more.

Stress is a killer. When I was in my mid-20's I went to the dr. I was sick a lot that season and had no appetite and wasn't sleeping well. The dr asked me if I was stressed, my reply was "No sir. I don't really stress about anything. I'm pretty easy going." His response I'll never forget, "Oh you stress. You stress internally with no way to get rid of the tension/stress. That's why you're so sick. If you don't learn how to handle this better it could cause you to have fatal illnesses earlier than you want." Well then! Aye, aye captain! That's when I started playing golf again, picked up some video games (don't judge me), and doing some different stuff.

Stress can prematurely end a life, a destiny, or a purpose. And guess what... if you deal with it - YOU'RE NOT WEIRD! You're actually normal. That doesn't mean it's healthy though. I believe the enemy has gotten us so fixated on doing, becoming, pleasing so much that we have loaded our wagons with things that aren't healthy and now we are carrying a weight of stress that we weren't intended to carry in the first place. 

Stress comes from not knowing an outcome, not knowing a plan, or just not being in charge. The truth is this - the outcome isn't up to us, the plan isn't ours, and we aren't in charge! So technically we are stressing about something we have no say over! You will never get closer to a decision by having a freak out. You will never come closer to a breakthrough by having a freak out. But you can get closer to disaster or death. Stress is normal, but it doesn't have to be defining. 

This Sunday I'm going to break down 3 ways we can biblically walk through stress. Since I know you deal with it, I deal with it, and everyone else does to an extent we will walk through that and figure it out - TOGETHER! Some of you will be set free from anxiety during that experience if we're honest. This Sunday things begin to come into alignment for you! I'll see you on Sunday!