Why Did This Happen?


War. Death. Anger. Deception. Lies. Politics. Hatred. Murder. Scandals. Natural disasters.

It seems anywhere you look on TV, internet, newspaper, or anything you see evil everywhere. Sometimes I hear people, understandably, ask if there is good anywhere in the world anymore. In fact, on social media, when someone does something good for someone else the phrase "There are still good people out there" is often used. You know, in retrospect, it's a pretty sad day when that is something we are "shocked" by. 

Inevitably the question is often asked, "If God is so loving, why is there evil, hurting, or pain all over the world?" Honestly, that's a pretty good question. Why would a loving God let the ones He loves hurt? If He could stop anything from happening, or make anything happen, why wouldn't He just change the trajectory of some of this stuff? End the wars. Stop all the earthquakes. Stop child sickness. Why doesn't He? This is a pretty complicated answer if I'm honest, but I'm going to try to give a simplistic point of view on the idea of "evil" in this post, and get way more in depth on Sunday at Radiate Church.

We have to first understand what evil is. Evil is simply the absence of something good. There can't be good without evil, and there can't be evil without good. Therefore, because God is good there must be the opposite as well. The Bible even states that the Devil stalks the Earth seeking whom he may devour (1 Peter 5:8). Evil happens not because of God, but often in spite of Him. Because God is the idea and creation of the ultimate good, and because we have freedom of choice, there is a natural decision and distinction that we must own that is connected to evil. Good without evil is impossible. And we can't thank God for our "freedom of choice" when everything in our lives goes well, and then get angry when it doesn't wondering why He didn't decide for us.

There's much to be discussed in this topic. We will never be able to fully answer why God "allowed" certain circumstances to take place, but we can accept and understand the concept of it all. Often we think evil happens because God is mean. But, when we understand evil we can actually grasp the idea that evil happens simply because God is good! We can't understand it all, but we can grasp and live with the idea that evil isn't from God, it's in spite of Him. But, because of Him we can get through what seems to be difficult! Trust me, you've got this!

We will discuss this more in depth on Sunday morning at 10 and 11:30 as we discuss the question: Why Does God Allow Evil, Pain, and Suffering In The World? I'll see you then!