What's On Your Mind?

We all want to walk around free. We want victory. We want triumph. Maybe we want it in different areas of our lives than others. Maybe you want victory in your marriage but your neighbor wants it in their finances. Maybe you want victory in your battle with a mental illness, maybe your sibling wants it in their parents' skills. Victory may look different to everyone, but truth be told, it's constant in our desire for it.

Where most of us get "hung up" isn't in the desire or passion for personal or even corporate victories. It's usually in the execution of the principles that bring about victory. Last week at Radiate Church we discussed that we have to understand that victory is often in STAYING and not running in the other direction from opposition. This week I want to discuss with you the concept that keys to victory are your FAITH and your HONOR!

What does that mean? What you think about God can't depend on our finite thoughts of His production. If He doesn't produce in ways A, B, & C then He can't be the person we thought He was. We must learn to HONOR even when we don't agree with the outcome. The ways we honor someone, and our faith in God, will determine the expansiveness of our victory with Jesus. You can never experience a victory that you don't believe happened. In other words, how can you experience the victory of miraculous healing if you don't believe that's possible? Answer: you can't! Also, did you know that it's possible to completely disagree with someone yet never dishonor or disrespect them? Honor is appreciating the value someone has in them, not the decisions they make. (See the story of David & Saul in 1 Samuel)

Let's unpack this truth a little further this Sunday as we continue to look at the victory of overpowering, overthrowing, and overcoming (O3) with Jesus! Our eyes are about to be opened to the victories Jesus has already brought us for years!