Bob & Weave


Boxing isn't as popular of a sport as it used to be in the days of Mike Tyson, Muhammed Ali, Evander Holyfield, and the likes. However there is a "strategy" that most of them used that is still used and is effective today. It's called the "Bob & Weave". Essentially you duck and move around the ring as your opponent tries to land a round ending haymaker, but you're hoping to avoid the hit and tire him out at the same time.

Over the past several weeks we've been discussing the idea of how Jesus provides victory through us. Victory isn't about the results you experience in your life. Victory is about the mentality that we cultivate that we will NEVER give up, NEVER stop, and ALWAYS move forward toward the accomplishment of the vision and victory! 

As we lead up to Easter Sunday, the ultimate symbol of spiritual victory, I wanted to talk about the idea of the Bob & Weave. Looking at the Bob & Weave technique it's easy to think it's a defensive stance and technique. The reality is that technique is actually pretty offensive. Think about it. You duck an attack, move, then attack at the right moment with force in which allows you to win the fight!

Many of us don't accomplish victory in our spiritual lives because we aren't PRO-active enough! And I'm not talking about just during difficult times, but also during good times. We can easily get lulled into the comfort of enjoying good times, and we coast instead of attacking. Jesus gives a promise that "The gates of Hell shall not prevail" against His church! But what does that mean for you today? A LOT! It's not just the promise of victory through Jesus, it's the stance of ATTACK and not just the stance of defensiveness! Here's what I know - if we will attack the enemy HE CAN'T WIN! Let's talk a little more this Sunday!

I would love to ask you to join us for our Easter @ Radiate experiences on April 1 at 8:30/10/11:30. This Sunday is THE Sunday for many people! Let's fight together!