Math Is Never Fun


I'm fairly certain that math was created by Satan. Ok, not really, but I really do hate math. I've always hated math. Numbers are daunting to me. Especially when you start mixing the alphabet with numbers, then you add lines and other artistic measures. It feels like multiple areas of life just met at a restaurant somewhere, hit it off, and moved in together to create this confusing mass effect of math. Of which the entire purpose is to throw off mankind from simple math equations like 2+2 = 4. I digress.

Math isn't just difficult to figure out in school and life, it's also hard to live out. Everyone on the planet is created to want more. More growth, more multiplication, more stuff, more money, more, more, more. And honestly, there's nothing wrong with that, unless MORE is our only focus and not God's plan. In other words, if we want more, but God's plan is less, we must conform to His desires not ours - thus leaving us to have less than more. 

Here's why that's a difficult thing for most of us to concede to - because in God's way of math, less is often more, and more is often less. In the case of Gideon, in Judges chapters 6-8, subtraction leads to addition. Gideon was to take over an army of 32,000 people and fight the Midianites, an army of 135,000. But, that wasn't the army that would defeat the Midianites. It was an army of 300 that would because God would, by a course of events, dwindle the Israelite army, led by Gideon from 32,000 to 300! 

You know Gideon and the army were freaking out trying to figure out this math. How were 300 going to defeat 135,000? Not to mention the Midianites controlled the shores of the Jordan meaning they had victory wrapped up already. But, in God's math class subtraction IS addition! Because if He sets it to be that way it is. 

Maybe you have felt like you've been losing a lot lately. Losing health, friends, family, vision, purpose, life... it may not be that you're losing anything, but you're getting set up for everything! What if what you're losing is because you didn't need it for the fight? Let's talk a little more about this on Sunday at Radiate Church at 10 and 11:30! 

Come, lean in, engage, and watch God move! See you there!