All I Do Is Win, Win, Win...


People that say the joy isn't in winning, it's in good sportsmanship must have never won. I agree with having good sportsmanship no matter what - but having good sportsmanship is a whole lot easier after a win than a loss. NOBODY enjoys losing; no matter if it's sports or arguments; losing isn't enjoyable.

The great news is, if we have submitted our lives to Jesus wholeheartedly all we do is win! We win no matter what. The thing about winning is this: sometimes it feels like you're losing the entire game, then as the clock ticks down to 0:00 you hit the game winning 3-pointer or something. And guess what - YOU WIN! and it's FUN! Sometimes you may feel like you're losing at life in certain areas; but as long as you are walking in the footsteps of Jesus you're really winning.

The enemy will try to keep you in the mentality of defeat to make you think you can lose... but when Jesus tore the veil and rose again on the 3rd day, victory was given to those that follow Him. The enemy can't win and won't win; the most he can do is try to convince you that he may be able to. But don't be fooled. He can't! Ever! 

This Sunday we start a brand new series leading up to Easter Sunday called O3 - Overcome, Overthrow, Overpower. We will discuss the victory you have through Jesus, what that means for your life, and how you can live that out each and every day! Victory is a mentality, a posture, a lifestyle - not just a moment at the end of a game! Victory starts before you walk into your office, out of your house, or anything else. Victory is gifted from Jesus... enjoy it! I'll see you Sunday!

Harrison HawkinsComment