You have not, because you ask not...


Full disclosure: this blog, this week is a preview of what's coming up at Radiate Church this Sunday. And I can't wait! The reason it's a preview is because I'm beyond excited about what's going to go down this Sunday. 

A lot of times in our culture questions are frowned upon. It's a sign of weakness or ignorance. I believe it's exactly the opposite. I believe questions are a sign of strength and wisdom. The reason is you won't ask a question unless you want to know a deeper truth about something. And knowing a deeper truth makes you smarter, wiser, and stronger! That's why this Sunday really excites me. My amazing wife and myself will be fielding your real questions about love and relationships on stage!

For a couple of weeks you've asked questions. Questions like: What about homosexuality? Can I have feelings for someone I'm not married to? What do I do if I'm being abused? And many, many more! I want to take this moment to let you know, we will answer these questions biblically, and to the best of our abilities. I also want you to know that we want you to do whatever you can to invite as many as possible to join you for this week! Many people are asking these questions, and we have provided a platform to answer them in some capacity. 

I can't WAIT to see you and your guests on Sunday at 10 & 11:30! It's going to be AMAZING! Take this as my personal invite for you. And a personal challenge to bring as many as possible with you!

Pastor Brandon GoffComment