I Hate You, I Love You...


Pop artist Gnash has a very popular song that's out right now with the same title of this blog, "I Hate U I Love U". It's an incredibly catchy song and beat. And let me say this right from the beginning - I am NOT saying this song is terrible and unholy, nor am I advocating that all secular music is terrible, and especially not saying Gnash is a terrible person. I do not know enough about any of that to make those assumptions. What I do know is that this song wraps up the feelings and thoughts of much of this generation/society. Take this line in the song for instance:
"You want her, you need her
And I'll never be her."

It seems that everyone in this world thinks that their standards are determined by those they see or encounter on a daily basis. Let me free you up from that mentality, your standard was never designed to be the level of someone else's highlight reel life. Your standard for life was always meant to be the creation and purpose you were designed with initially. If we continually live up to standards we create by watching others highlight reels and failures, then the bar for the standards will lower over time.

When we don't know our own standard, or our own identity, then what happens is we now begin to live up to what we think others like about everyone other than us. We need to be skinnier, or more muscular. We need blonde hair instead of brunette. We need to have more money, a corner office, and a brand new Jaguar. All the while, we are attempting to co-habitate with a spouse or someone we love, but we have no foundation of security within ourselves, so we end up with the thought - "You want her. You need her. I'll never be her. Just leave me, because I'm trash and run to them." - all the while wondering where did everything go wrong?

Often times the worst thing we can do in a relationship is to go in to the relationship with no understanding of our own identity in the first place. Lack of identity breeds insecurity, jealousy, and pain. And if we don't find ourselves, we will base our own value on what everyone else says or thinks, and now we have lost all confidence and power we had in our lives because we've placed it in the hands of everyone else.

How can you gain that security and identity? Read the Bible. Pray. Talk to the one that created you initially. This Sunday we discuss every bit of this in a raw and real way and discuss how we can increase our current relationship or the one we are praying for. This Sunday begins a relationship that will meet your #Goals! See you and your guests at Radiate!

Pastor Brandon GoffComment