Excuse Maker


I've heard and used some amazing excuses in my life. Chances are we all have. There's the famous ones such as:
"The dog ate my homework."
"The traffic today was ridiculous."
"I didn't get that email. Are you sure you sent it?"
"I'm just kidding! Good grief!"

Don't read those and think you don't do them, because we all do. Maybe you don't use those specific excuses, but we all use some excuse to get out of doing something. Something we don't want to do at all, or even things we really do want to do, but it's more comfortable to keep putting off the execution of it all.

I tell people all the time that I don't want excuses, I want reasons. The difference is an excuse is something insubstantial that just delays something for selfish purposes. Reasons are legitimate hang-ups that keep us from accomplishing a task. The problem with many of us, including myself, is that often we have the biggest dreams and goals possible, but when it comes time to put the rubber to the road, we find great excuses to delay the execution.

Let me very clear: excuses are the poisons that eat your dreams for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner! Dreams and goals are pointless unless we eventually put action to them. Without action dreams are meaningless. They are fun to talk about, fun to discuss, and even make us sound like we have our junk together. The truth is that some of us have had dreams for years, and darn good ones at that, but we have more excuses than we have drive and determination. 

It's time as sons and daughters of King Jesus that we stop making excuses for why He can't use us, why we can't accomplish something, and why it would never work. It's time we start making reasons for why it can happen, should happen, and will happen... ON OUR WATCH! Your dream is never about you. It's always about Jesus and always about His children! The more vision He places in you the more lives that will be impacted but he accomplishment of it. 

This Sunday, as a family we will rise to the level of saying "We Will Wait" we will begin saying "We Will Go". No longer will excuses eat our dreams and vision but, we instead, will eat excuses by way of executing at a level that's greater than we ever imagined! Eliminate excuses, eliminate laziness, eliminate fear... and walk in BOLDNESS! I'll see you on Sunday at 10 & 11:30!

Pastor Brandon GoffComment