Over Here!


Have you ever been around someone that has a better story than anyone else in the universe? There's a hysterical skit on Saturday Night Live that has a woman, named Penelope, that continuously plays the One-Up game. No matter what someone tells her she has a story that's bigger, better, and way more important that theirs. I laugh really, really hard every single time I see it on there. The point of the skit is actually pretty simple at it's core - Penelope is crying for attention and needs everyone to look at her and give her credit before she can feel good enough. 

One of the issues plaguing our generation and society today is that everyone plays that game. We all need someone to verify that we are good enough. We need social media to tell us how pretty we are, we need retweets to validate that we are smart, and we need friends to agree with our thoughts to let us know we are wiser than we think. And it's created a culture of "look at me" rather than a culture of "look at them". 

I believe that amazing things would take place if we began to give others more credit than we aim to take. What if instead of saying "OVER HERE" or "LOOK AT ME" we said "OVER THERE" and "LOOK AT THEM!"? What if our actions weren't that of attention but of giving. What if our words gave life instead of trying to take life to add to our bank of confidence, while robbing confidence from others? What if, by some odd request, God actually loves to operate with people that give Him more credit than they do themselves?

I believe God desires to use people to accomplish big, amazing things. God uses people's gifts, people's desires, people's passions to accomplish Kingdom results and vision. But, make no mistake about it - it's never about us - it's always about Him. Not because He's an ego-maniac, but because He is the source of all power and purpose. And if we aren't tapping into the source, we aren't realizing His power and purpose fully.

Usually the fear of giving credit to anyone else is birthed by the fear of not being good enough in the eyes of others. If they don't think "we" did it all, said it all, or made it happen they may not think we are capable of doing anything significant. This mentality is a war that happens within each of us that is the battle between earning significance and having significance. Here's your take away for the week: you don't have to earn what you've been given... and through the love of God, our Father, you've been GIVEN significance! Now give Him the credit for it and watch how He can multiply what you have!

Pastor Brandon GoffComment