Tomorrow Sounds Good


This past Christmas my wife talked to me about putting up the outdoor Christmas lights on the house. I told her at least 5 times, "I'll get it tomorrow" or "I'll get it this weekend". Every single time I was genuine in my response. My intention was to get to it when I said I would, the problem was "tomorrow" or "this weekend" never came. It's now January 10 and I have taken down all Christmas decorations. Guess what decorations I didn't have to take down. Yep - outdoor Christmas lights off of the house. 

Procrastination is an art form. It's something that's really easy to do. It's honestly something that usually people aren't trying to be irresponsible in. Usually we are tired, preoccupied, or just simply don't want to do it. The problem is that procrastination has become a talent many of us try really hard to perfect rather than destroy. Procrastination won't give you more time to accomplish something. It will normally kill your opportunity to do something the right way. Because by the time you get to it you have a time crunch, nothing ever goes right, and you're irritated that you have to do it at all. 

What if we just got rid of procrastination and did what needed to be done in the moment it needed to be done? What if instead of putting the lights off, I had just gotten up or begun the process of getting the ladders necessary, and started working on it? What if I told my feelings what to do (get over it) instead of my feelings telling me what to do (sit down, you're tired from sitting at a desk all day)?

Most of the dreams and creative ideas we have are killed because we put off the execution and development of them until we feel like doing it. This causes us to forget about it anyway. Before we know it 6 months have passed, the emotion and excitement has faded, and now we want nothing to do with it after all. Some would say it wasn't something we needed to chase if that's the case. What if it was, in the moment and season of life you were in, and now you let it die in that season without ever being awakened? 

I just believe if we will begin moving on change we know we need to make, move on ideas we know are from the vision we have for our lives, move on the disciplines we know God is placing in us to develop us, then all of a sudden life doesn't happen by accident anymore. It happens on purpose. You get exactly what you deserve in life, not just what you want. In other words, you'll accomplish what you work for not what you hope for. In 2018 let's kick procrastination out of the window and move to action!

Pastor Brandon GoffComment