How To Fail At Life

Trucks. Jobs. Money. Boats. Houses. Friends. Authority. Position. Responsibility.


Most of the things listed above are all things we want. Usually we seek/search for these things because we believe one, or all, of them are the answer to the emptiness, frustration, and hole inside that we feel daily. If we had more money we would be able to do more. If we had more friends we wouldn't be lonely. If our house was bigger we would seem more important. Truthfully, that's the perfect way to fail at life! 

You know me, I'm one for always achieving the next big thing, the new thing, the goals we have set. I don't see anything wrong with promotions, new homes, toys such as boats or trucks, and I have no issue with making more money. The issue becomes when those things are simply how we improve our lives. It's not that they improve our lives, its that our spirits improve our lives. What's on the inside, seeping out of us, that makes the biggest difference. It's how we love people, enjoy life, and make a difference that allows for things to be seen differently. The greatest way to fail at life is to allow THINGS to determine your happiness, rather than your happiness to determine your things!

Stop! Stop chasing STUFF. Stop chasing THINGS. Stop chasing meaningless RELATIONSHIPS! Stop filling your life with senseless acts that will fade when it's all said and done, and begin to become fulfilled with purpose, promise, love, and heart! Don't let people determine your attitude, let your attitude determine your altitude! 

This Sunday we start a brand new series called "Flatline" that deals with this very thing. Allowing life to become less about me, and more about Jesus! And that doesn't mean that you torture yourself, live in poverty, and never have anything nice or new. It means that when you do get those things, it's in the name of God the Father not you the person! Let's talk more in depth Sunday at 10/11:30!

This Sunday is for those of us that have a life that doesn't seem full, yet it's busy. It's for those of your family/friends that question Jesus, the life He intends, and the Church He loves. It's for those of us that go through life with hurt, pain, frustration, emptiness, loneliness, and pain. It's for those of us that live and breathe. In other words, it's for all of us... and IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Do what you have to do to get someone there with you. This may be the most important message of 2017! 

Pastor Brandon GoffComment