I love social media. I think social media has increased our ability to be mentored, taught, and trained from some of the greatest minds on the planet. Some of the greatest communicators, thinkers, most creative personalities are now found with the flick of your thumb on your smartphone. It's really quite amazing that at any given moment you can find high school classmates from years ago and connect. Social media, like most things, has a negative side as well.

It's not only created an opportunity for growth, connection, and relationship; it's created opportunity for judgement, fear, manipulation, and hurt. Chances are as you've mindlessly scrolled through post after post of social media interactions you've seen all of these things in some capacity. However, just because there's some negativity in the use of something doesn't mean you discount the value of it. For instance, I have some negative qualities about myself, but I like to think I'm still pretty valuable. 

The main thing that social media has done is made people acutely aware of the necessity, the value, and the power of platform! We all have a platform. We have a platform on the web, at work, at home, at Church, and even in your friendships. You have a platform for influence, for belief systems, etc. Everyone has a platform, but not everyone correctly executes the value of their platform. At any given moment, you can log on to your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account and speak to hundreds if not thousands. The conundrum in this is that while you can speak to that many, how you steward your voice and platform determines what people hear!

My point is this: What are you using your platform to communicate? The goodness of the love of Jesus despite skin color, political affiliation, or thoughts? Or are you using it to communicate judgement, manipulate people into agreement with you, or to portray a life that you aren't living to impress people you don't really know? We all have a platform to use, a Jesus that loves us, and a story to share... the challenge is - WILL YOU USE IT?

This has been a powerful series as we have looked at practical ways God can change our lives Any Given Day. I want to invite you to join us for the last week of Any Given Day this Sunday at 10/11:30am as we discuss the very topic of using our platforms for Jesus with former USC & NFL Quarterback Dylan Thompson. We will see you there!