What's Up With My Money!?


Let's face it. There is no one on the planet, whose life isn't touched, in some way, by money. Some people grew up or now have more than they need. Some people grew up or now have nowhere near enough. And then, some people are right in the middle. The reality is this... money is a sensitive subject for many in life. But, The Bible actually talks A LOT about money. To be exact, there are 2300 verses in The Bible relating to money. That's 5 times as many as verses about faith and prayer! No, I don't believe that God thinks money is more important than faith nor prayer, but I do believe God wants to speak to the specific parts of our lives that can increase faith and prayer, or diminish it.

For some reason money is one of those topics that churches aren't supposed to discuss. If a church doesn't touch on it enough then they are "afraid", and if they touch on it too much they are "selfish". Our money is severely important to our lives, to our livelihoods, and to our hearts. 

Often we misdiagnose 1 Timothy 6:10 - "For the love of money is a root of all sorts of evil, and some by longing for it have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs." (NASB, emphasis mine)

A lot of times we think money is the root of all evil. Money is terrible, disgusting, and shouldn't be sought after. WRONG! Money is A-Moral, meaning money has no right or wrong, it's an a-moral entity. However, when we LOVE money we begin to become a slave to something a-moral, that you will never have enough of, never enjoy enough, and never appreciate. Money becomes something that must be sought instead of something to enjoy. 

You don't have to walk through life living paycheck to paycheck, hating everything that entails finances. You don't have to fight about your marriage with your spouse, what seems like every day. You don't have to always hate green pieces of paper because it brings up horrible memories of a life of "not enough". In fact, God doesn't want you to struggle financially, God wants us all to live and give... generously! Think about it like this, if we prove our faithfulness to God through financial freedom, why wouldn't He want those that love/follow Him to have more so that they can help fund the Kingdom ministry on this earth? Not only is it logical, it's biblical!

Let's talk more about it this Sunday at Radiate Church! 10/11:30am at Blaney Elementary School in Elgin. Your money situation is about to make a lot more sense! See you Sunday!