The Strength Within


In our world we identify with our name. If I hear someone say "Brandon" I turn and look. Even if they aren't talking to me, I turn my attention in that direction simply because I identify with that name. Surely you've been walking in the store before and you've heard someone call someone else with the same name and you looked just because you heard your name. 

As Christmas is approaching we are all getting ready to celebrate with gifts, dinners, desserts, parties, and more. Our trees are ready, our wreaths are hung, our gifts are being purchased, and our dinners are organized. In just a few short weeks our kids will jump out of bed with giddy anticipation to see what Santa has left behind and more. We may even read the Christmas Story from The Bible, pray together, and talk about "remembering the reason for the season". All of which are great! But what if we are celebrating the birth of someone that we don't fully understand?

Isaiah 9:6 gives 4 names, or characteristics, of who Jesus would be called or identified as. Isaiah said Jesus would be identified as Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. This past Sunday we talked about how Jesus is and wants to be our Wonderful Counselor - He wants to heal our sick areas. He wants to guide us through the darkness. He wants to talk to us daily. Jesus WANTS to intimately be involved in our lives.

The next name Isaiah discusses is Mighty God. Have you ever thought of how powerful, mighty, strong, and courageous God is? There are many reasons to rest in the knowledge of Jesus taking control of any situation we've been in, will be in, or could be in. 

I believe much in life is to try to intimidate us and distract us. There are many things that take place in our lives that try to intimidate us to the point of distraction. The love of money attempts intimidation through too many bills. The love of authority and lack of honor attempts to intimidate us by offering a false sense of pride. There are many things that happen to try to distort our minds through trying to be "mighty" in our lives.

The truth is simple: through the love and life of Jesus in our lives we now have a God that's living and active within us that's mightier than anything we can face. As I like to say, nothing you face around you is greater than the God within you. Walk your life in the manner of knowing that you have a mighty God fighting IN you, FOR you, and THROUGH you! I promise, when you walk with the stature of a mighty God within you, everything in your life changes!

Pastor Brandon GoffComment