The Lens Of Sight


When I was ten years old, one of my uncles decided it would be hilarious to put on a freaky clown mask and come down the hall at my grandmothers house and scare me. I freaked out, naturally. Cried, screamed, jumped over a table, feared for my life, and jumped into the embrace of my dad. Honest confession, I absolutely still hate clowns! My staff at Radiate Church thought it was hilarious to continue joking about Pennywise when IT was re-released this year.

Now, truthfully, there's nothing wrong with clowns. Their original intent wasn't for fear, it was to bring joy and happiness to the lives of kids around the world. However, now every single time I see a clown, I have an internal sense of anxiety and fear... and I'm 34 - stinkin' - years - old! GOOD GRIEF! Talk about lasting impressions! 

The truth of the matter is this - you probably have some lasting impressions in your life that give other people a bad wrap based on a previous experience, too. Maybe you had a bad experience at a restaurant, so you're skeptical of waiters/waitresses/cooks. Maybe you had a terrible experience at a doctor and now you have a hard time trusting other doctors. Or, maybe like me, you had a terrible experience with a clown and now every Bubbles that blows up balloons gets the benefit of being hated. Or, even worse, maybe you had a bad experience with an earthly father and now your Heavenly Father gets the bad wrap based on something He didn't even do.

This week we are discussing what it means to have an Everlasting Father in your life. This is difficult to navigate because we often see God, our Father, through the lens of past experiences and unfortunately many past experiences are negative. We do this with a lot in life, and it's totally understandable, but what if our lens of sight in situations could be changed so we can see the truth and not the previous experience? This week, I want to help alleviate some of the pain you may have encountered in your life and help you see the true Everlasting Father. A Father that is compassionate, hopeful, and always present in your life! Never wanting to harm, but always wanting to help.

Bring your good memories and bring your bad ones. Bring your celebrations and your pains. Bring your lack of baggage and your overwhelming cart of it. Bring your healed heart and your broken one. Bring your current lens of sight of the Everlasting Father and let's see what changes. You belong here at Radiate Church regardless of where you are in this journey and your past does too! Pull up a chair, and let's welcome the Everlasting Father home for the holidays this week! It's going to be POWERFUL!