I need to make a confession to all of you faithful readers. I like cake! Ok, let me make another confession - I like pie! Who doesn't though, right!? We all love a good chocolate cake. My brother loves blueberry pie. I love apple, peace, pecan pie. I love chocolate cake, confetti cake, strawberry cake, lemon pound cake. Man, I sound like I have a sugar and sweet problem don't I? Don't kid yourself... you like them too! (just make me feel better about myself real quick, won't ya!?)

Let's be truthful though, a cake or pie is really only as good as the steps it takes to make. I mean you have to know how to make the crust (unless you store buy it, which is honestly probably smart). You have to know when to put the filling in, when to add the fruits, when to apply the criss-cross crust top, and even how long to bake it. Imagine if you baked a cake, but didn't bake it in a cake pan, you just set it directly on the over rack! Exactly! It would just drip through, and cook onto the bottom of the stove. My point is this - the process, or the steps it takes to make the cakes or pies may be just as important as the flavorings.

I believe as you study The Bible, the Kingdom of God, and God's character you'll find that most things work in certain orders. For instance, before He could create the Earth there had to be nothing first (Genesis 1). Before He can reward those that tithe, you have to first tithe (Malachi 3). Before He can fully bless your marriage you have to understand and work the marriage system set up in Ephesians 5. There's countless other examples in scripture, but I think it would be beneficial for each of us to understand that anything we do, we have to know and work the order as well as the action.

We started The Blessed Life last week by talking about a heart transplant and how that effects our money and finances. (if you missed it and want to know how to live the blessed life financially go HERE) This week we will look at the order in which things are to be done in order to have a blessed financial life instead of a stressful one! Remember: this series isn't built on sermons but on episodes. Each week is built on the previous week... and I promise you do not need to miss a single week! I'll see you and your guests Sunday at 10 & 11:30! Let's make some Money Pie that blesses us and others by following the correct steps!