Act Like You've Been There!


When Steve Spurrier was the head coach at the University of South Carolina he had a lot of memorable sayings/phrases. When he first arrived at USC there wasn't much history of winning a lot and consistently. He used a phrase when he was here when discussing some of the antics and celebrations of his teams after wins that I've since heard many other coaches use. He would often say in press conferences "They need to act like they've been there before. Act like they've won before." That phrase is one that has always stuck with me.

Often in our lives we live in this realm of uncertainty. We live uncertain of what tomorrow may bring, what our jobs may offer, or what our kids will grow up to be. Uncertainty is amazing; it keeps things fresh, real, and spontaneous. It's also important to understand that though things may be uncertain at times, when you achieve something - Act Like You've Been There Before - because it's not a mistake! 

We've been talking about finances at Radiate Church the past several weeks, and will continue for 2 more weeks as we conclude The Blessed Life. Finances touch everyone's life in some way, shape, or form. But, can I just let you know something that we all need to internalize? You don't have to be defined by a piece of paper or a bank account! Genesis 1:27-31 offers a great explanation of creation, but not only of creation, of the purpose of mankind on the Earth! Our role is not of being defeated or defined, but of ruling and dominion.

I want to encourage you with this - stop letting what money may or may not be able to do for you control you! Understand that everything was put under your feet, as the chosen of God, to rule over. Nothing on this Earth has more rule and purpose over your life than God does, and He's already been there before. Because He has been there before, and He walks with us, we can act like we have been there before as well! Because He will trust us as we prove faithful!

This week we talk about how to break the bondage of finances off of our lives. And it may be a little easier than you might imagine. If money seems to dictate how you feel, act, think, and even treat others - make sure you're at Radiate Church on Sunday at 10 and 11:30... some people are going home free! I'll see you there!

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