The Most Annoying Sound In The World

Have you ever been in a place and just been annoyed at some of the sounds you hear? Maybe the way someone talks, the amount they talk (hey don't act like you've never been in this situation), what they are saying. Maybe it's an empty cup rolling around in the back of the car hitting the door. Whatever it is, we've all been in a situation where we've felt like the guy in the middle of this car ride: (I promise the next 2:00 of your life will be filled with laughter. If not, I don't know how to help you...)

One of my all-time favorite movies right there! Many of us have felt like the man in between Lloyd and Harry on that car ride. Maybe it's not with someone in particular, maybe it's with a situation, a something you're studying, whatever it may be. And, truthfully, if we aren't careful in our own lives we can become just like the two making the annoying sounds and songs instead of hearing them. 

Sometimes, without warning, our words/actions will become annoying sounds instead of loving indications of the care we have for others. There's ways that we can safeguard agains that for sure, but the test still remains: are we just making a lot of noise, or are we truly making a difference.

The Kingdom of God is action-based, love-based, and now-based. What I mean is this: The Kingdom of God isn't idle or lazy, it provides movement. The Kingdom loves everyone and everything that it comes into contact with, with a vigorous/passionate love. And the Kingdom isn't about waiting to get something done, anyone in the Kingdom moves immediately if it's beneficial to others and the Kingdom of God.

This Sunday we kick off You Matter Week (a 7-day serving campaign in and around the Radiate Church community), we celebrate baptism, and we bringing awareness to Breast Cancer through our Pink Out (we will be taking donations for the Susan G Komen Foundation as well). We are doing a lot this Sunday, but the most important thing that will take place this week is we will be learning how we can safeguard from becoming the most annoying sound in the world! 

ACTION: Watch the video clip again and think of any moments you have felt like the guy in the middle. Then write down moments where you've been more about making noise than making a difference! (Read 1 Corinthians 13:1-13 for help)