Let's Go!


Have you ever been really excited to go somewhere. I mean you've been planning it for days, only for the day to come and you've discovered that someone else will be there you weren't expecting or it's just too much, or maybe you're just way too tired to make it happen now. Therefore, because of the extra work needed to make it happen, you cancel the trip or restaurant choice and go with another plan? I have... maybe it's just me.

A lot of times we are excited about a life change. We are excited about all of the great things God wants to do in and through our lives, our families, our work, our Church. That is until we realize that it means I'm going to have to personally change something, lose something, or release something in the process. Then it's not quite as exciting anymore and we don't even know if we want to follow through to the original extent anymore. The hard part is this - anything worth accomplishing will have sacrifices attached. 

Sure you can accomplish some things in your life without much change, sacrifice, or alteration. I bet you, however, that it won't be near what you think it could have been. Sure you can pay your bills, but what if you could financial flourish? The difference usually isn't just the amount of dollars you bring in each month but the spending changes, the saving sacrifices, and the mindset shifts you have to make to think on a higher financial level. Sure you can have a good marriage, but what if it was the envy of all other couples you're connected to? The difference is usually the way you love, value, communicate, and honor your spouse.

You see, anything at all worth accomplishing with great results is worth the sacrifices it takes in the process. I heard someone say one time, "You have to be more committed to the process than the results." The process to change is difficult. Often, to be honest, it's really painful. But nothing great comes without great sacrifice. I guarantee you that if you'll commit to the process of the changes in your life (that you probably already know you have to make) that the results will be worth it all in the end. Especially when it comes to spiritual growth with Jesus. Jesus' entire existence is to bring us all into a life of great existence with Him.

This Sunday we talk about change. We talk about what it means to go from HERE to THERE... because what got you HERE, will not get you THERE! This is a powerful Sunday to bring someone to Radiate with you as a first time guest, or follow up with a first time guest and make sure they come a second time as we close out our Flatline series! It's time to change some things! I'll see you Sunday!