Jesus, Racism, And You!


We are currently living in the most divisive time in the United States of America in my generation. Racism is a word that is used daily. Hatred is spewed from the depths of social media to the souls of even the most innocent people. Accusations determine everyone's intentions despite what the actual intentions may be. If you don't agree with me you're against me, and if you're against me I have no room for you in my life. We don't end disagreements lightly anymore either, it's now spewed from social media, to daily gossip sessions with friends, to altercations at grocery stores. Violence isn't something we stray from anymore, it's now our means to an end. 

I believe with everything inside of me that the division that is happening in our great country, our purpose-filled lives grieves the heart of God. Division isn't the action of an external force. Division happens deep within a group of individuals before it ever escalates to be shown to a group of others. Division is the very bed that violence, disgust, and hatred lie upon daily.

One of the very reasons Jesus was sent to live life in the flesh was to bring the unity of Heaven to division of Earth. To bring the glorious connection of people, no matter their race/socio-economic status/their upbringing/or their heritage, that is in Heaven to Earth. God desires one thing from each and every one of us - connection!

One of the greatest commands God declared over the creation of His people was this "Be fruitful, and multiply." (Genesis). What if God wasn't just talking about physical multiplication through children, but spiritual multiplication through relationship? We can't multiply if we don't have relationship, therefore, as long as division fractures relationship it fractures the multiplication of the Kingdom of God. So... what are we to do about this? Good question!

I believe it's time that we, as human beings and children of God, stand up to division and start a movement of unity. How? By loving one another. By forging relationships with those that intimidate us, those we don't understand, and maybe even those we don't like. 

There's plenty more to study about this subject and discuss. Let's get together and talk this Sunday at 10 & 11:30am at Radiate Church. Division doesn't have to be normal, it can be eradicated! See you on Sunday!

Harrison HawkinsComment