Below are seven tutorial videos we have put together to show you everything you need to know on how to manage and maintain a healthy, successful Life Group. It's recommended that you and all of your Life Group leaders watch all of these videos so that you are well prepared to sustain your Life Group this semester. After watching these videos, you may still have some questions. If so, feel free to email Harrison Hawkins, our Media Director, at

Here are some quick things to remember as you go through your Life Group semester:

  • Make sure your contact information is correct for yourself and all leaders.

  • Check the description, contact information, and location of your Life Group for correctness.

  • Be sure to create a calendar event for every time you will be meeting throughout the semester.

  • Take attendance at every meeting and record any new visitors or members.

  • Upload any resources you would like your Life Group to have (PDFs, videos, images, etc.).

  • Use the "Email All Members" function to communicate with your group. The use of Facebook groups, GroupMe, and group messaging of any sort is strongly discouraged.

  • Keep an eye out for new members as they sign up and add them as soon as possible so they can stay in the loop.

  • For technical questions, email Harrison Hawkins at

  • For general questions, prayer requests, and special care needs of member, email Shannon Nicks at

Tutorial Videos